Meet The Stylists

Established in December 2008, Hair by Douglas is the culmination of years of passion, practice, and unwavering determination. Founded by Douglas, a seasoned professional in the hairdressing industry, our salon is a sanctuary where clients are treated to unparalleled hair care experiences, enveloped in a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

Our Mission:

To elevate your salon experience, Douglas combined his extensive knowledge and skills to assemble a team of the industry's finest professionals. Every visit to our salon promises personalized solutions, expert advice, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you leave with a renewed sense of confidence and style.

Book Your Experience:

Indulge in the superior care and innovative styling at Hair by Douglas! Connect with us to schedule your appointment and embrace the transformation.

Douglas - Senior Stylist

Born into a lineage of skilled hairdressers, Douglas discovered his passion for hair artistry at Headquarterz in London, from a very early age. By 14, he had earned his first diploma in hairdressing and quickly ascended to managing one of his family's prestigious salons.

Master of Hair Artistry in Clapham Common:

Douglas, now a sought-after stylist in London, brings a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and precision to every strand, transforming looks and delivering unparalleled hair experiences.

Book Your Transformation:

Discover Douglas’s innovative hair transformations at Headquarterz! Book now to experience his unique blend of passion and expertise!"

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Senior Stylist


Originating from Sardinia, Vittorio honed his craft for 30 years before elevating London’s top salons with his expertise. He’s been a beloved stylist at Headquarterz in London for over 8 years."

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Experience Vittorio's unparalleled craftsmanship and passion at Headquarterz! Secure your spot now for a transformative styling session!

Senior Stylist


Elsa, with her wealth of experience from Lisbon, is our resident expert in Brazilian Keratin Treatments, specializing in exquisite weaves and extensions at Headquarterz. With over 10 years at HeadQuarterz in Clapham Common, she’s the go-to stylist for flawless, radiant locks.

Expertise and Warmth:

Elsa combines meticulous skill with a warm presence, ensuring every visit leaves your day and your hair brighter!

Book Your Elegant Transformation:

Ready for a style evolution with Elsa? Contact us to book and step into elegance at Headquarterz!

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Senior Stylist


Boasting 37 years in hairdressing, Paul is a celebrated stylist, known for grooming The Mayor of London and having a distinguished career in London since his move from Leeds.

Diverse Talents:

Paul, a former British Hairdressing Championship contender and a contributor to the Gay Film Festival, is renowned for his precision cuts, color corrections, and extensions.

Book with Paul:

Are you craving exceptional style? Book with Paul at Headquarterz in Clapham Common for top-tier hair care!

Senior Stylist


Declan, a stalwart on Clapham Common High Street for two decades, is famed for crafting stunning cuts and vibrant colors, all while forming lasting bonds with those he meets.

Expertise & Connection:

Declan stands out for his ability to create signature looks and his warm, friendly approach, making every visit a memorable experience.

Book Your Stylish Experience:

Seeking transformative cuts and colors? Schedule with Declan at Headquarterz in Clapham Common for a personalized styling journey!

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Virtual Administrative Assistant

Gary Osiba

Gary, our skilled Virtual Administrative Assistant and Social Media Manager, has been a vital part of Headquarterz for over a year, specializing in video and photo editing, handling administrative tasks, and supporting our stylists.

Multimedia Expertise:

Gary’s proficiency in multimedia enriches our online presence, ensuring every visual element is polished and engaging.

Connect with Us:

Explore our vibrant social spaces curated by Gary and dive into the visual essence of Headquarterz!

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